Natural Brown Apricot

Natural Brown Apricot

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Sun Dried Apricot; ; is an ideal product for your skin beauty thanks to its vitamin-mineral content. As a rich antioxidant source, dried apricots protect you against cancer and support your liver. Its beta-carotene content protects lungs and heart. Sun dried apricots do not look yellow as they are dried with natural methods instead of sulphurization.As a fibrous food, it helps intestines function properly, digestion, and gives brightness to eyes. Since it contains a lot of potassium, it prevents nervousness, helps the brain function better and prevents skin diseases.



Ingredients: Dried Apricots (%100)

* Keep in a cool and dry place.

* Allergy Warning: This product may contain other nuts, peanuts and seeds

* Not suitable for small children who can choke on nuts.

Nutrition Information Per 100g

Energy (Calories): 1009 kJ (241 kcal)
Fat (g): 0.5
Of Which Saturates (g): 0.1
CarbonHydrate (g):59
Dietry Faber (g): 7.3
Sugar (g): 37
Protein (g): 3.4
Salt (g): <0.03

Country of Origin: Turkey