About Us

Anthap UK Ltd. Good Food.. Good Nuts..

Anthap UK LTD is a young player in the sector but the company’s emplayees and founders have a lot of enough experience. Anthap UK is a company that will make to the sector enter the dynamism, competition and higher quality products.
We import food products such as Antep pistachios, nuts,legums and turkish delights from Turkey especially Gaziantep and all over the world. We distribute these products to consumers through whalesalers, distributas and shops. Our products are high quality and affordable in accordance with UK standards and will be selected according to consumer demand. We have health certificates of the products that we import. Besides, most of our suppliers have quality and BRC documents.
Mission: To affer with high quality, natural, healthy and delicious products to consumers with reasonable prices and high service quality keeping consumers expectations at the highest level. Vision: To be a reliable suppiler demanded by the target customer mass in the medium term with Anthap brand, and to be in the top 100 of the sector in London. www.anthap.co.uk