Muratbey Shallah Cheesee Tel Cecil Peynir (ÇEÇİL PEYNİR)

Muratbey Shallah Cheesee Tel Cecil Peynir (ÇEÇİL PEYNİR)

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This product comes to you in special insulated temperature controlled foil pouches.

When Shallal Cheese, also called "civil", "cecil" or sacak" depending on the region, is combined with Muratbey quality, it will be an indispensable flavor in your meals.

It is recommended for those experiencing weight problems as it has less fat and abundant protein. An ideal flavor to achieve perfect taste not only at breakfast but also at salads, omelets and pasta.

- Halal.

  • NO Artificial Flavours, Trans Fat nor Gluten
  • Energy (kj/kcal) 1356/326 16%
  • Fat (g) 23 32%
  • Saturated Fat(g) 14 70%
  • Trans Fat(g) 0 0%
  • Carbonhydrate (g) 0,7 0%
  • Sugar (g) 0,7 1%
  • Protein (g) 28 56%
  • Salt (g) 2 33%
  • Calcium (mg) 700 88%
  • Phosphor (mg) 650 93%

Note: If you buy this product on Friday or Saturday, your order will be shipped on Monday.  The reason for this is to ensure that the product reaches you in the freshest way possible.

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