Mevlana Goran Pure Ceylon Loose Tea (Sade Yaprak Çay) %100 Genuine

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Mevlana Goran Tea brand, a flavour you know from Europe; It is considered one of the best quality teas in the world, according to the analyses of experts and institutes with the tea it uses.

Mevlana Tea, which is obtained by hand picking the first tea sprouts that bloom after the rains in the natural tea gardens of Sri Lanka, the production center of the highest quality teas; It is cleaned from dust with a specially prepared blending machine for Goran Tee in Berlin and packaged in European Standards.

Goran Tee Mevlana Plain Leaf Tea has a factory in Berlin, an office in Frankfurt, and locations in Europe and Turkey: As Ceylon Tea produced in German standards, it is one of the most consumed black teas for years.

The Ceylon Tea is a black tea extracted from large tea leaves collected in the skirts of high mountains of Ceylon, Sri Lanka. Ceylon Tea gains a quality taste and aroma thanks to its cultivation methods and climate. Quality Ceylon Tea is obtained after the leaves, which gained their scent from Monsoon rains and ocean breeze, are collected. Tea leaf is rolled longwise. The taste of this Mevlana tea, which is curved, large leafed and about 8-15mm long, is silky. This Mevlana tea is one of the most preferred teas because it is fragrant and suitable for blending and it is easier to drink without sugar than other black teas.

  • Highest Quality Ceylon Tea in the World
  • 100% Pure Ceylon tea and packed in Sri Lanka
  • Completely natural, pure and %98 free from dust
  • The Pure Leaf Tea
  • This is a sublime tea that provides the perfectly authentic Ceylon experience
  • Mevlana Goran is geunine.

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Ingredients: %100% Pure Ceylon tea

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