Californian Walnut Butterfly

Californian Walnut Butterfly

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Walnut; At least as nutritious as fish with its Omega-3 ingredient, walnut has become very important for its feature of preventing stress. It also prevents clotting of blood, abnormal formation of antibodies, regulates the blood circulation, decomposes blood clots, has anti-allergic functions, regulates liver functions, encourages protein synthesis, preserves immunity functions. Known to be a source of calorie, protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral, the walnut’s green shell and leaves have been used for treating many diseases for centuries.



Ingredients: Walnuts

* Keep in a cool and dry place.

* Allergy Warning: This product may contain other nuts, peanuts and seeds

* Not suitable for small children who can choke on nuts.

Nutrition Information Per 100g

Energy (Calories): 2833 kJ (686 kcal)
Fat (g): 65
Of Which Saturates (g): 6.1
CarbonHydrate (g):7
Dietry Faber (g): 6.7
Sugar (g): 2.6
Protein (g): 15
Salt (g): <0.01