Anthap Raw Almond

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  • Almond: Half a tea cup of almond meets 45% of our daily magnesium need and 20% of copper need. Also it helps lose weight. Fat ingredient facilitates losing weight and helps feel full. 10- 15 pieces of almond can be eaten as snacks. Eating almond decreases risk of coronary cardiovascular diseases. Almond also decreases LDL (malignant) cholesterol. Moreover, it ensures double protection against diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. High in protein with delicious nutty taste with just a hint of salt
  • They are free from gluten, dairy and additives
  • Almonds also offer great nutritional value, being rich in Vitamin E, magnesium and copper. 
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans & coeliacs.
  • Fresh and latest crop, when you eat it, you will be aware of its aroma and freshness.
  • Resealable package for keeping product fresh in using.
  • Can be added to desert, cooking or baking.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place.
  • Allergen Advice: For Allergens, see ingredients in bold
  • Ingredients: %100 Raw Almond, salt

  • Nutrition Information: Energy (Calories): 2428 kJ (587 kcal), Fat (g): 49
    Of Which Saturates (g): 3.7, CarbonHydrate (g):9.5, Dietry Faber (g): 12, Sugar (g): 3.9, Protein (g): 21, Salt (g): <0.01


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