Selin Vine/Grapes Leaves Vacuum (Haslanmis Uzum Asma Bag Yapragi)

Selin Vine/Grapes Leaves Vacuum (Haslanmis Uzum Asma Bag Yapragi)

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Vine/Grapes Leaves Vacuum (Haşlanmış Üzüm Asma Bağ Yaprağı)

Vine leaves are perfect for rolling the Middle Eastern stuffed vine leaf delicacy, dolmades. Dried vine leaves are very easy to use as you can take a few leaves out to use at a time and keep the rest for another day.

Dolma were first served in the Persian court of King Khusrow II in the seventh century. Each Middle Eastern cuisine has its own variation, with Iranians using minced lamb and dried fruit, while Egyptian dolmas are generally stuffed with rice, tomato sauce and aubergine.

Make sure to wash thoroughly before use.



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